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Who We Serve
Services Provided to Sector
Audit Services:
  • Corporate Audits
  • Internal Audits
  • Limited Reviews
  • Specialist / regulatory audits
Tax Services:
  • Tax return preparation
  • Tax withholding advisory
  • Review for compliance with fiscal, corporate and tax laws
  • Transfer Pricing Review
Financial Advisory Services:
  • Company Assessment/Evaluation
  • Compile Financial Statements
  • Elaborate transformation projects
  • Elaborate Mergers and/or Spin-Offs Projects
  • Verify and Assess Internal Control Systems

Other Sectors Served


Technology, Media and Communications

Tecnologia e Comunicações

Business areas in this sectoR:
  • IT & Communications
  • Marketing & Communication
  • Editions
  • R&D

Simple observation of the general application of information technology in all fields of activities which has resulted in a revolution in a short space of time and the resulting impact thereof clearly helps us to come to the conclusion that this Sector best reflects the speed with which change takes place and the competitiveness on a global scale that characterises today’s economy and society.

Standing back now from the indexes of the first wave of euphoria and excessive expectations which led to a speculative approach to its financing structures, the Sector of Technologies has finally been able to reach its maturity point. It now provides products and services tailored to the different sectors’ needs with a stronger commitment to value/benefit solutions, thus recovering its profile of credibility essential to attracting new investment within the sector.

Based on the experience we acquired working with different organisations, some of which being the most successful national start-ups as well as companies per excellence in the sector, we were able to develop specific skills in the areas of Auditing, Taxes and Consultancy Services which has equipped us to respond better to the challenges posed by the sector today.


Related Sectors:
Consumer Goods and Services

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