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How We Serve
Services Provided to Sector
Audit Services:
  • Corporate Audits
  • Internal Audits
  • Limited Reviews
  • Specialist / regulatory audits
Tax Services:
  • Tax return preparation
  • Tax withholding advisory
  • Review for compliance with fiscal, corporate and tax laws
  • Transfer Pricing Review
Financial Advisory Services:
  • Company Assessment/Evaluation
  • Compile Financial Statements
  • Elaborate transformation projects
  • Elaborate Mergers and/or Spin-Offs Projects
  • Verify and Assess Internal Control Systems

Other Sectors Served


Consumer Goods and Services

Produtos de Consumo

Business areas in this sectoR:
  • Distribution
  • Commerce and Representations
  • Retail
  • Transports
  • Health Services
  • Travel & Tourism
  • Consulting

Throughout the last two decades, the Distribution sector has undergone restructuring which has led to it becoming the strongest link in the value chain. In turn this has resulted in new relationship dynamics with Producers as well as, new consumption rhythms and habits.

By implementing prudent and rigorous management methods backed up by important physical and technological infrastructures, the sector has managed a complete change in consumption patterns in just a few years. Consequently, the introduction of such tremendous competitiveness in the system has “pushed out” those who insist on traditional moulds either into the category of a niche market or to their complete disappearance.

However, in today’s environment, the sector’s agents are once again confronted with enormous challenges. On the one hand, the Distribution Expansion Strategies have led to the defence of quotas, which have been achieved in the meantime, resulting in a highly competitive climate, and the Supply Strategies in alternative channels. On the other hand, in terms of Products, via the changes in consumer behaviour and profile. Emphasis is now placed on the capacity to integrate the consumer’s experience and expectations as a condition for the receptivity of new products, which inevitably need to be more emotional and intangible. Management therefore has to be directed towards understanding and giving value to labels and/or brands whilst “alive” per si, as products that never lose their material value.

In order to meet this sector’s needs we have a set of specialised services in Consulting, Auditing and Taxes which will not only improve procedures and performance but will also define and follow through with Restructuring Strategies thus allowing the focus to be on the core business.

We have acquired particular skills in this sector in the scope of Annual Audits, Due Diligence, Tax Returns and Mergers.


Related Sectors:
Food, Beverages and Agriculture; Technology, Media and Communications

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