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Who We Serve
Services Provided to Sector
Audit Services:
  • Corporate Audits
  • Internal Audits
  • Limited Reviews
  • Specialist / regulatory audits
Tax Services:
  • Tax return preparation
  • Tax withholding advisory
  • Review for compliance with fiscal, corporate and tax laws
  • Transfer Pricing Review
Financial Advisory Services:
  • Company Assessment/Evaluation
  • Compile Financial Statements
  • Elaborate transformation projects
  • Elaborate Mergers and/or Spin-Offs Projects
  • Verify and Assess Internal Control Systems

Sectors Served


Food, Beverages and Agriculture

Alimentar Bebidas e Agricultura

Business areas in this sector:
  • Food Industry
  • Beverages
  • Agro-Food Cooperatives

The Agro-Food Sector is recognised as one of the most competitive markets and has placed itself in first position in the global market. All of this came as a result of various multi-national companies which followed an expansionist strategy throughout decades. This has practically led to the extinction of all production carried out in traditional ways.

This sector has had to face up to the need to review its approach in terms of mass production in the recent past. All due to the fact that regulation and legislation are now far more restrictive, there is more pressure from consumers, a more rational and sustainable approach towards the use of resources, protection of the environment and/or a reintroduction of consumption habits that will invert the current trends of civilisation issues.

However, despite the importance of factors such as Research, Development and Innovation, today’s biggest challenge lies in the need to reach a balance point in the set of external factors outside the scope of production – brand management and rankings; relative position in the supply chain; deciding on the margins and risks – nowadays these are all indispensable strategies to performance.

Our Professional services in Auditing, Taxes and Consultancy Services are adapted to this sector’s reality thus enabling our clients to obtain significant advantages by reviewing their Proceedings, improve their Internal and Tax Control as well as, active participation in their growth strategies. Decisive Management tools are also made available for the preparation and implementation of processes related to Mergers and Acquisitions.

We have a skilled team in this sector able to provide services in the areas of auditing accounts, limited revisions, tax audits, support mergers and transformation of companies as well as preparing and assessing internal control procedures.


Related Sectors:
Consumer Goods and Services

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